Zipp Pullers / Kit Markers

Zipp Puller, Kit marker

The self-liminous kit marker is used primarily to locate key items of equipment which must be readily available at all times but which are easily lost in the dark. The Self-powered Kit markers can also be used as hazard markers and for personnel marking. A range of colours is available to enable differentiation.

Key Features

  • Absolute reliability in all environmental conditions
  • Secure, low brightness option available
  • Unaffected by humidity and temperature
  • Continue to operate under water
  • No Batteries or bulbs required
  • Maintenance-free, operational life of 10 years
  • Tough, impact-resistant yet lightweight construction
  • Range of colours and fixing solutions

Typical Applications

  • Kit location and identification in darkness.
  • Survival scenarios: clear yet secure marking of equipment, stores and positions.
  • Personal markers to enable visual contact during night patrols.
  • Safety marking of ropes, paths, hazards and obstacles.
  • Zip marking
  • Fishing applications
  • For tactical, outdoor and general use

Tritium Kitmarkers are self-illuminating. They do not require an electrical supply, batteries or bulbs, and will remain continuously illuminated even during prolonged periods of darkness. Illumination is provided by Betalights®, gaseous tritium light sources GTLS that provide an absolutely reliable luminance throughout their service life of 15 years. They contain no moving parts or consumable components (such as batteries, bulbs or switches). Markers are suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres and will operate normally in adverse environmental conditions, even when immersed in water. They are rated for operation in temperatures of -60 0C to 80 0C.

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