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  • Battery: Duracell CR123A 3V
    Battery: Duracell CR123A 3V

    Replacement Battery for :NASH R3 and S5R ReceiverSpecificationsVoltage: 3VComposition: LithiumSize: 17mm Diameter x 33,4mm LengthReplaces: 123, DL123A, CR123A, EL123A en CR17345Sold singly...

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  • Camera Adapter
    Camera Adapter

    Converts a bankstick or tripod into a simple photographic stand. Ideal for those tricky self-take shots…Solid Brass will not rust.Fits any bankstick or tripod.Fits any camera (including Digital cameras and GO-PRO).Tiny size – fits...

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  • Solar : IPRO Spring-Loc Adaptor
    Solar : IPRO Spring-Loc Adaptor

    This stainless steel adaptor allows you to use any of the older Solar indicator systems, Solar chains and many other indicators on the market, with Solar's unique, quick-release, Spring-Loc Hokey Stick.1 adaptor per pack. ...

    € 5,95Order
  • Solar : IPRO Spring-Loc Hockey Stick
    Solar : IPRO Spring-Loc Hockey Stick

    Stainless steel, quick-release hockey stick. This Spring-Loc hockey stick features the unique, bayonette-style fitting compatible with the Titanium indicators, which requires you to simply push and rotate the indicator to lock it...

    € 14,95Order
  • Solar : IPRO Drag Weights
    Solar : IPRO Drag Weights

    Stainless steel drag weights that screw securely into the base of your indicator head. Multiple weights can be used with each head to allow you to adjust the weight accordingly.Compatible with all Solar, Muddy Waters and Matrix he...

    € 7,95Order
  • Solar : IPRO Clip
    Solar : IPRO Clip

    Each IPRO Clip is fitted with an adjustable tensioning nut, allowing you to alter the clips tension to sit any situation, including holding the indicator head firmly in position when using the Titanium arm under tension.Compatible...

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€ 5,95 € 4,95
€ 5,95 € 4,95
€ 5,95 € 4,95