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     Water Level Alarm for Smart Alarm Receiver...

    € 89,95Order
  • NEW

    Aqua Alarm for Delkim
    Aqua Alarm for Delkim

    Water Level Alarm for Delkim Receiver ...

    € 89,95Order
  • Rubber O Ring (Large)
    Rubber O Ring (Large)

    Rubber O-Rings to fit all banksticks and alarms to aid with alignment.Pack of 3....

    € 1,95Order
  • Rubber O Ring (small)
    Rubber O Ring (small)

    These are replacements for your indicator parts. Simple to change and also can be used between your cord, chain or arm connectors to aid alignment.Pack of 5....

    € 1,95Order
  • Lock Ring
    Lock Ring

    A 3/8th BSF lockring for use under your bite-alarm to help with getting it square on the buzz bar. This will also fit the thread of any other buzzer on the market and any kit you have that fits buzz bars, banksticks etc etcSolid B...

    € 2,95Order
  • Skin cover 4 + 1
    Skin cover 4 + 1

    Package includes:4 x Skin cover for Delkim TXi / Ev Bite Alarm 1 x Skin cover for Delkim RX / RX-PRO Receiver   ...

    € 33,75 € 28,95Order