What is the SMART-ALARM for ATT?  

The smart-alarm has a Passive Infra Red (PIR) detection system. This is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) radiating from objects in its field of view. It detects persons, animals or other heat emitting objects moving through the detection field. For a detailed explanation of how a PIR system works, see the how a PIR sensor works page.
The smart-alarm is a silent remote alarm, which works on a ATT receiver*. The smart-alarm can be used as a personal alarm to protect yourself and your fishing equipment. Every movement through the smart-alarm range is detected and transmitted to your ATT receiver. The smart-alarm itself does not make a sound, only a detection led will be on. The smart-alarm is protected itself, it sends a anti theft signal to the receiver when you switch off the smart-alarm.

* The SMART-ALARM is available for the ATTx V2 and ATTx Deluxe receivers.


What is the SMART-LIGHT 2 (SL-2) for ATT?

The SL-2 SMART-LIGHT is a Bivvy Light which works on the ATT bite alarms and smart-alarms*. The light can be programmed to be activated when a bite alarm or smart-alarm is triggered. This makes exiting the bivvy and reaching the rods simple and safe even on the darkest of nights.

*The SMART-LIGHT 2 is available for the ATTs bite alarm.

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